6EH Inspire Workshop

6EH welcomed their parents, carers and grandparents into the classroom for our Inspire workshop. This year our focus was ‘Retrieval’ and we showed the different methods we use in class for remembering things we have learnt about. Comment on the post to tell me which activities you find useful for remembering your learning.

Kiva – Respectful Behaviour Towards Others

Today we had our first Kiva lesson! Kiva means ‘be kind’ in Finnish and today’s lesson was all about respect. We learnt about how being alone or being with others can sometimes feel good and sometimes feel not so good. We also discussed how we have different people in our lives from close friends, to friends, to acquaintances and to other people who we don’t know. We may interact with these groups of people differently but ultimately, we must treat them all with respect! Here are some photos of us sorting statements about how we interact with different groups of people in our lives.

Retrieval for Global Action

Today we had a retrieval competition on our tables. We made mind maps of every fact that we could remember that we have learnt over the past two Geography lessons. If everybody on the table had ten ideas (we worked together), then your table won a point! The whole class worked really hard and collaborated amazingly in the ten minutes given. Tomorrow, we are going to complete our green pen as there may be some spelling and grammar mistakes but well done 6EH as your brains worked really well to remember all of these!

Welcome Back

Welcome back 6EH! It has been so wonderful to see you all back in school this week. 

Your planned Meet the Teacher meeting for parents/carers was Monday 19th September. Due to the passing of Her Majesty the Queen, this will be rearranged Tuesday 20th September, 9am, in the main hall.

Mrs Downs

Welcome Back!

Welcome to Year 6 and to 6EH!

We started our week by learning about the rainforest as part of our topic ‘Global Action’. In Maths, we learnt about place value and used counters to represent numbers up to ten million. During our English lessons, we have been reading ‘The Day the Crayons Quit’. We did some hot seating to pretend to be the characters and it was quite funny! Here are some photos of our first week.